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eyewitness news in high definition. tonight, the japanese government is admitting they were unprepared. how the country is now dealing with the earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear threat. >> donating to the tsunami victims is as easy as sending a text. but expected delays, why they won't get it for months. >> march madness gets a little cooler. how google is turning the tournament into a 3d experience. >> rain, wind, hail and lightning. roberta gonzalez is tracking the storm. roberta, more on the way? >> yes, lots of hail throughout the bay area this evening. this is the scene in albany, where we had accumulation 1 to 3 inches of hail. many people thought it was actually snow. let's show you where now the precipitation continues to fall. moderate rain fall at this time and the east bay anywhere around pittsburgh and antioch, towards the delta. also when you see the shades of
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yellow, that's a moderate down fall as we have been experiencing out of 680. over towards san jose, where we have moderate rain. back through the santa cruz mountains as well. we will see heavy activity throughout the weekend. we will pick which day it will happen the hardest. our storm watch continues. here is elizabeth cook. >> thanks, roberta. very chilly temperatures and a light breeze. nothing like it was earlier today where the storm really reeked havoc across the bay area. it was the last winter storm of the season and mother nature showed no mercy. >> it was like a scene from the wizard of oz. chef webber watched as a nounal cloud rushed across the water. >> it took the shed and flipped it over into the pacific street and it snapped
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some of the wires and they had sparks and we all ran out there and checked out pacific and calling 911. >> a tornado ripped through the streets of santa rosa friday morning, destroying a wood and meat tall shed at the landscaping business. >> been in this business for 33 years. >> brian's mother wanted the destruction from inside her home. >> she sounded like a bomb went off. >> in san leandro, a truck driver was killed when his big rig turned over between highways 880 and 238. closing the on ramp in snarling traffic for over three hours. downed power lines put the jail on lockdown and left the civic center and 250 pg&e customers in the dark. in san francisco, a tree fell on lionel's utility van at 24th. >> it was a hurricane. >> well it wasn't a hurricane,
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but definitely some abnormal weather for northern california. in fact, according to the national weather service. last time a tornado struck down here in the bay area was back in 2005. coming up, roberta is going to tell you ant this weekend. the first big storm of the spring season will touch down on sunday and expected to be more dramatic than it was today. live in ocean beach, i'm elizabeth cook for cbs 5. grace, back to you. >> thanks, elizabeth. >> on to the latest from japan now. a death toll from the earthquake, the tsunami nears 7200 people tonight. japanese authorities are admitting they are unprepared. now they are preventing nuclear meltdowns. crews are working around the clock at the damage fukushima nuclear power plant. their goal is to revive the cooling pumps with the help of fire trucks spraying water on
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the units. in the meantime, residents woo live near the nuke lore plant found refuge 30 miles away. many barely escaped alive and had no time to take possessions. >> i wish i had taken more photo albums, she says. >> 500 people are in this shelter alone. they don't know when they'll be able to go home, if there is a home to go home to. >> many americans quickly pledge money to help the victims of the tsunami disaster, but some people are questioning whether that money is getting to the victims fast enough. what is being done to expedite the transaction? >> donating money to quake victims via text message is easy and frustrating t. can take up to 90 days for the cash to get to japan. >> i thought it was ridiculous, especially where the money is necessary now, it
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would be up to a 90 day life for the money we are donating. >> who knows. after 90 days, it may not get used. >> tax donations have skyrocketed. to give $10 pho the red cross, dial 90111 and sit send. but uchino says some cares are waiting for customers poo pay their bill before doling out the money. and he sated a petition on to stop the delay. with nearly 50,000 signatures. >> they have already done this before. they did this in haiti, what is the difference? it's a siege lar crisis. >> wrote this let tore sprint, at&t, verison and t mobile and said, guaranteeing funds, their donations are having an immediate impact, but also
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ensure that donations are rushed to those most in need. we heard back from two of the carriers. sprint bark goes out to the people in japan. we are working with our partners and relief organizations to be as responsive as possible to meet current and future needs emanating from this disaster. at&t is expediting in order to get the donations to the red cross as soon as possible. he has friends and family in japan and says the petition is working. >> it's pretty remarkable how many people cared about it. >> at&t says they collected and dispursed more than a million dollars since earthquake hit and that they reduced their turn around time from several days down to just a few days for those text message donations. cbs 5. >> well looks like beta breakers will be around for a couple more years. it has a brand-new sponsor.
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zazzle. the annual 12k race -- sometimes they wear wild costume, sometimes they wear nothing at all. it allows people to customize their own outs. zaszle work says -- >> the brands energy, which is certainly this kind of really diverse, fun celebration of different cultures and people. it really is a perfect fit. >> the race is previous sponsor, ign direct pulled its support last year following a lot of complaints of excess garbage around the city. registration is sold out. also this year, floats and alcohol are banned. well it's not your average full moon. the lunar treat that hasn't happened in nearly two decades. and how google is turning
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march madness 3d. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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moon. it will appear 14% larger, 13% brighter. is normally 238,000 miles from the earth, but the moon will be about 17,000 miles closer. the super moon to the super weather woman. business say day for you, roberta. >> we detected several lightning strikes near, around the golden gate bridge this evening. and then this towards the albany area, everyone was writing about it. writing about it on facebook as well. the lightning seized, but we had accumlation of hail across the area. radar is picking up plentiful preacceptation. now in a northeasterly direction. we have seen lots of activity around the delta. moving out of antioch as we go downstream towards 680. that corridor leading over, heading towards san jose. plenty of moderate rain fall is indicated by the shades of
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yellow. it looks like for the most part, we are beginning to dry out around the peninsula, but plenty of rain to come. our satellite picture, watch this area of low pressure producing over 2 inches of rain today. behind it, a bigger storm for your sunday. this is how we are playing out. rain, this is all on the heal to the passage of today storm. it's a bigger storm coming by saturday night that will cause gusty winds as well. so count on in and out of the showers tomorrow. high sur advisory. it swells up to 17 feet. wind advisory in place for your sunday. that's how gusty this is going to be with some of the gusts exceeding 60 miles per hour. tomorrow, a stray shower here and there. filling in with heavier precipitation. temperatures into the 50s. south winds at 20. the gustier winds will be up to
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2 inches. 4 inches and the highest levels on sunday. looks like by monday, scattered showers, a little bit of break on tuesday, another storm comes in wednesday with a lingering showers on thursday. i wanted to show you pictures of hail. we had snow at mt. diablo. the accumulation there. we should see more snow down to 2500 feet. a little bit of everything. >> the last winter storm and we'll get hit with a big springtime storm on sunday. >> thanks a lot, roberta. we're going to be right back. ,,,,,,,,
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make it to the games, google has ing. march madness fully upon us. for the majority of us that can't make it to the games, google has the next best thing. >> brings the 3d experience to all of us.
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> march madness to the new dimension. all the venues that will be hosting a game and rendered them in high resolution 3d. from the alamo dome in san antonio to verison center in washington, d.c. that's 14 stadiums in all. >> we are always trying to add new information, new satellite imagery and new buildings to create a more and more realistic world. you might call it a mirror world of the one we live in. >> peter is the instructor and he took us on a tour using their liquid gay lex si device. at home, you use your computer. in houston got the royal treatment because it's the site of the final four and the championships. here, you can go inside the stadium. >> this is a tiny fraction for what is available. >> once you are okay, you'll realize that there's a whole very chewable world here and
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google engineered and contributors around the world have been busy, basically rebuilding the earth. >> slowly but surely, use you are rers have been recreating structures like the eifel tower. main street and the princess cass l. and cbs 5 studios in sphain all high resolution. google provided software. there's no way they can do it all themselves. >> we are slowly and collaboratively building up this model of the world. >> making the world a smaller place is turning out to be a global effort. in mountain view, cbs 5. well i'm dennis on the block of a lifetime. next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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between going to memphis or arizona..he chose arizona..and derek williams had to choose between going to memphis or arizona. he chose arizona and tonight the wildcats played memphis in the ncaa tournament.
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will barton steals the inned bound pass, but joe jackson is in for the foot back. memphis is down for just one point. they foul jackson with five seconds left, so he made the first, intentionally missed the second. rebounded and chance to tie it for in new block. the man who would have gone to memphis ended up winning it for arizona. they will play text next. georgetown leading scorer. rams came out bombing. they made 15 of 25 from long distance. joely rodriguez will give you a lead. they are headed into the round of 32 after many questioned whether they could be in the tournament at all. he had a college named after him and now everybody is
11:24 pm
talking am a little rev lyings of their known against villanova. nova up 1. george mason stepped back to give the colonials a two point lead. final chance for ngo nova. george mason making the statement. we are back and ready. >> and? the founding father is smiling down. >> i have been forced into a lot of comparisons. this is my favorite shirt and i would like to ignore who else says. this is one of my favorite skirts here. this is two different years, but we are doing what we got to did for ourselves. >> in boulder, the bulls bulls
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go in for a run. 89-72 and it is hibernation time for the bears. the stanford woman will host the uc davis ago gives in the first round tomorrow? david and geliath, you think? >> you go this into this game, i think what is important for us tomorrow is we are going to enjoy this experience and tomorrow, i think we can go into the game thinking win or loss situations. you know, we're going to go out there, play hard, compete when we can compete and see what happens. g at least keep smart. never looks fatter, you know. warriors and phoenix, the rice is keep minutes h. e scored all 40. it was another day at the office. steve nash, 17 points, 10
11:26 pm
assists. grant hill has double digits. so the aggies tomorrow, your daughter goes to uc defense, what's an agie? >> but actually, they are have a hot as a bat cot. >> chai don't they came a the long involved story? >> because it's long and involved and i don't tuns all the questions of. >> go ann gives. >> go stanford, think. gastro go outside. tweet in your questions. check out sports. ,,
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the next, you start one feeling a bit the moment you feel run down or achy, nip flu-like symptoms in the bud, with oscillococcinum. get oscillo and feel like yourself again. oscillococcinum, nip it in the bud.
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5,000. it's going to be fuller over the weekend. >> fullerrer. >> we have a lot of rain coming. >> matthew perry is on the show. our next newscast is tomorrow. the verison wrap up show. rule the air on the fastest most advanced 4g network in america.
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the zoom tablet, the first tablet powered by android3.0. with an interview and a display. grab it and it grabs you. only at verison. >> you're watching the verison wrap up show with otis livingston. >> hello again, i'm otis livering stone. we'll run you through all the information as we get you through the second round. five seed arizona taking on memphis. it was late in this one, the three pointer. wesley grabs the offensive rebound, but derek williams
11:31 pm
says i'm sorry, sir, not on my watch. williams finishes as the wildcats finish 77-85. healing off oakland. a big time all around effort for the big time. texas over oakland, 85-81. staying out west, duke's freshman sensation, point guard, irving returns to the octoberive rose we are 13 points as the blue devils cresh hanson by 42. they will play them next. the fist ones to win a game without a freeway flow. we'll check in, featuring the regular season acc championship and top need in the southwest, kansas. stay tuned.
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the verison the verison wrap up show. rule the air on the fastest most advanced 4g network in america. and welcome back to the verison wrap up show. now it's time to do night moves as you watch the tournament wide l down to 32 after tonight. long island university and the blackbirds chirps early on. ties it at 33. in the blink of an eye, the tar heels are back in front for good. harrison barnes, they heeled up
11:33 pm
at the break. big tyler zeller dropped in 32 as the tarheels move on. it will be carolina and washington in the shirred round, but the huskies, georgia. takes over the second half. 15 of the 19 points coming out of the brake. missed a free throw that would have iced it. watch moves on 68-65 the final. >> george mason tangs down villanova. the wildcats finish the game on a six game winning streak. marquette with the upset over xavier. they'll face syracuse in a matchup. top seed, it's easily takes care of boston university. illinois advances over, they get the j hawks next. upsetting georgetown. they will now face off purr
11:34 pm
tie. 57-0. they will take on notre dame. >> don't forget, more exiting action there the men's ncaa tournament right here on cbs. it all gets available here, followed by florida and ucla. at 5:00, it will be morehead state and 13 seed richmond. how many of you had that in your broke et? yeah, me too. this is a chance to see one of the country's leading things. i'm otis livingston. we'll see you back here tomorrow night as we'll have our first eight of the sweet 16. we'll see you then.

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